We are an innovative company that promotes an ecosystem of smart solutions for the global pharma business.

Our mission

Is to improve people's quality of life around the world. We make health products more affordable by helping participants of the pharmaceutical market to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the supply chain, as well as providing easy access to the global market for innovative pharmaceutical companies.

Market Access
We optimize the interaction within the supply chain in the pharmaceutical market, eliminating unnecessary links and replacing them with advanced technologies.
Cash-back Service
We develop a loyalty system, promote the commitment of people to a healthy lifestyle and help ultimate buyers to reduce the costs for pharmaceutical goods by 10-15%.
Online Learning
Thanks to online training platforms for pharmaceutical specialists, we improve the quality of pharmaceutical care for people.

In the market since 2016

Value of the pharmaceutical market – $17 billion (as of 2018)

65,000 pharmacies

The share of pharmacies in the region, working on the company's products — 21%


In the market since 2019

Market value – $66 billion

125,000 pharmacies

The expected share of pharmacies in the region, working on the company's products * — 20%

*Time frame – 3 years


R & D Stage

Market value – $448 billion

68,000 pharmacies

Elena Vatutina CEO & Founder
Serial Entrepreneur
Maria RyabukhaCBDO Russia/CIS & Co-FounderMore
Valentina MarchenkovaCBDO MENA & Co-founderMore

Elena has been working in the pharmaceutical industry in various regional markets and in various segments for more than 16 years. Previously, she was the head of specialized media in one of Russia's largest pharmaceutical distributors and launched online pharmacies. She created regional pharmacy chains from scratch, building business processes for effective work in the business segment with high price competition.

In 2016, Elena founded Pharma.Global, a company that develops an ecosystem of digital products for the pharmaceutical industry.

As the CEO and founder, today she focuses on the strategic planning and development of Pharma.Global in international markets. She participates in investment and pharmaceutical forums in the US, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She makes more than 100 flights a year, while conquering the fear of flying.

In addition to business trips, Elena travels with her family a lot: her passport has stamps from over 60 countries. Elena has two children — daughter Katya and son Konstantin, and her favorite pet — Chihuahua Masya.

Elena has an MBA degree in Strategic Management of the Open University, UK.

Maria came into the pharmaceutical industry over 10 years ago and continued the family dynasty: her father Pavel Ryabukha is one of the founders of the Russian pharmaceutical distribution. Maria worked in the largest distribution companies in Russia, managed advertising departments and was engaged in business development in pharma.

In Pharma.Global, a company that she founded together with Elena Vatutina three years ago, Maria is the head of the Russian department. Her goal is to maintain the leadership position in the market using the PharmaCourse learning platform (Pharmznanie in the Russian market) and to develop two strategic projects – the PharmMarket marketplace and the PharmaBonus loyalty program (the Keshbek ot Aptek brand in Russia).

Maria is raising a son, Lev. It is him who is her main motivation for development, moving forward and conquering new summits in business. In her free time, she likes to sing, do needlework and walk with her favorite pug Archie.

She has two university degrees in economics and marketing (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).

During 15 years in the pharmaceutical market, Valentina Marchenkova worked in all kinds of fields – sales, marketing, management. She has expansive experience in management and introduction of new brands into the market, including those which have become leaders in their categories. What she considers her main achievement in this area is the development, as well as obtaining of patents and trademarks for two drugs – neuroadaptogen and combined immunobiotic.

Valentina came to Pharma.Global in 2019 to head its Middle Eastern department with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Her goals are the company's development in the region, as well as acceleration of the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East through the integration of new technologies.

Valentina is fond of painting. She paints in oil. She created her own ValArt brand and produces hand-painted silk shawls as a hobby. She likes to travel and visited over 40 countries. She is raising a daughter.

She is a surgeon by profession. She has an MBA degree in strategic management and marketing.

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