Pharma Global


  • 2016

    1. April, 12th

      Launch of the educational platform Pharmznanie for pharmacists and pharmaceutical specialists

  • 2017

    1. June

      Entering in the IIDF portfolio in the frame of acceleration program. The Pharmznanie project — one of the most successful startups in the summer court of the acceleration program.

    2. September

      Launch of the e-commerce B2B platform (marketplace) PharmMarket that provides small and medium pharmacy retailers opportunity to sign direct marketing agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    3. October

      IIDF invested $350,000 into a company as a pre-seed round.

  • 2018

    1. May

      Pharmznanie is №1 platform for education of pharmacists in 2018 — the research of the Ipsos Comcon company.

    2. June

      Pharmznanie opened one more audience of healthcare specialists — GP doctors.

    3. October

      The founder Elena Vatutina is a Finalist of Ernst&Young-Russia Award “The entrepreneurship of 2018” (This one of the most prestigious international competition covers more than 145 cities in 60 countries).

      Pharmznanie organizes the First Digital Pharma conference with more than 250 attendants and speakers.

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    4. November

      The Founders are in the longlist in an award of RBC magazine, nomination “Startup of the year”.

      RBC magazine →

      Awards in two nominations in the Go Tech 2018.

      Go Tech →

      PharmMarket is in the TOP-10 in consolidated revenue and in the TOP-5 in the number of pharmacies in raiting pharmacy associations and internet-projects for pharmacies (the RNC Pharma research).

      The exhibitor at the largest IT-conference of the Europe Web Summit in Portugal (70 000 participants and speakers).

    5. December

      The resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center — the Russian Silicon Valley, a key Russian development project.

  • 2019

    1. February

      Development and launch of the innovative loyalty program for end customers “PharmaBonus” working on the cost per engagement (CPE) basis.

    2. May

      Re-branding to Pharma.Global that now includes 3 main products: Pharmznanie, PharmMarket, PharmaBonus. Company starts scaling in international markets.

      The Founders are the finalists in “Pharma” nomination in award “Business women 2019” with Pharmznanie project.

      Ernst&Young →
    3. June

      The Founders are in TOP 20 in the editors ranking as «Most young and perspective Russians 2019» entrepreneurs under 35 y.o.

      RBC magazine →
    4. September

      The subsidiary company of the Russian entity was in UAE, ADGM, under the registered name Pharma Global MENA Ltd; with the registered number 000002537 (ADGM zone).

      Launch of the international e-learning platform Pharma Course as a provider of online and CME — education for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals (this is the scale of Pharmznanie).

      Pharma.Global (along with a partner Doktor na rabote) organizes the second Digital Pharma Conference with more than 430 participants and speakers.

      The first online-webinar (PharmaCourses) for pharmacists in UAE — “Prevention of Chronic Kidney Diseases”.

    5. October

      The subsidiary company of the Russian entity was in UAE, ADGM, under the registered name Pharma Global MENA Ltd; with the registered number 000002537 (ADGM zone).

      Pharma.Global MENA Ltd is in TOP 15 of winners at the TAKE OFF International Startup Summit 2019 which was held in Istanbul.

  • 2020

    1. January

      The HQ company was opened in Singapore to attract international capital into a company. From this moment the flip deal started.

    2. February

      Pharma.Global MENA Ltd is among 30 finalists at TIP in Abu Dhabi (Healthcare nomination) — Technology Innovation Pioneers Summit — an umbrella for sustainability experts, startups, influencers, investors and high-level officials around the globe, to gather for a global mission and that is to protect the planet through the use of technology.

      Company incorporated in ADGM gets the dual license and now able to work in the local market.