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According to statistics, 44% of the cost of each package you see on the shelf in a pharmacy is the market access costs.

What are the market access costs? These are the costs of working with distributors, doctors, pharmacies and pharmacists, marketing bonuses, as well as advertising of certain categories of pharmacy products aimed at the ultimate buyer through online and offline channels.

With Pharma.Global digital goods, you can cut these costs by half and thereby make health products more affordable.

What do we Offer?

PharmMarket online platform is a kind of pharmaceutical Uber or Tinder. The project is based on the marketplace model, where pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies can make direct contracts and marketing agreements. In fact, this digital product clears the supply chain of unnecessary links, making it more transparent and efficient. And the winners are all market Participants, including traditional distributors, who can now concentrate on logistics.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Market Participants

Pharmaceutical companies can reach out to local small and medium-sized pharmacy retailers, to whom they had no access before.They can control their sales more closely, and bring new products into the market easier, quicker, and at lower costs.

Distributors eliminate sales costs, and focus on logistics, which allows them increasing the profits.

Pharmacies, including small ones located in remote regions, have access to direct contracts with pharmaceutical companies, and increase their competitiveness thanks to more favorable entry prices.

The ultimate consumer surely benefits as well. Supply chain optimization will reduce prices and make medicines, dietary supplements, and other pharmaceutical products more affordable.